About Me

"Do more of what makes you happy every day". To me, that's enjoying things like great food, good design,  and inspiring places. 

Me and my hubby, Michaelthinks, love to travel. I also adore and am exceedingly adept at planning- Michael calls me "LTS" - Little's Travel Service. We're 30-somethings who aren't either backpackers or luxury travelers. We strive for authentic experiences but sometimes are tourists who miss the mark. It happens!

People always ask me for ideas and advice and I love to share them! I created this blog to help others, and feed my wanderlust while I'm at home. 

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  1. Hi sam!

    Love the blog. My email is deniseduong@gmail.com i hope we stay in touch!!!

    Great photos and smiles.

    BTW, your blog looks so organized. Mine feels like a slight mess.