September 27, 2015


Today I looked at thousands of photos. For hours, I went through nearly every photo file on my computer, remembering idyllic childhood birthday parties, my favorite outfits as a preteen, the dramas and awkwardness of high school, family deceased and distant, first, tentative travels to New Orleans, Paris, and Egypt, to more confident,"we got this" adventures.

I have a photo of my train pass from when I studied abroad in Italy in 1996. It reminds me how much the world has changed since then. Less than twenty years ago there was no real internet, let alone cell phones. Printed guide books, often out of date, told one where to go to get a train pass (American Express). When traveling I wrote in where I was leaving from and going to, and a smartly-dressed gentleman on the train wrote in and deducted the kilometers from the 3,000 I paid for. I think the pass below looks like it could have come from 1886 or 1926. I wonder what train passes look like now. I hope they still get a human hand. 

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