July 12, 2015


I had to go to Paris for work - yes, I HAD to, (tear!) - but it was over the Easter holiday weekend so I had a few entirely work-free days. What to do with myself? Invite my best friend to join and have at it!

Springtime in Paris
Eclairs from L'Eclair de Genie

Contemplating Koons at the Pompidou

Paris from the Pompidou
Au Passage, my favorite restaurant in Paris

Last call at Au Passage

Easter Mass at Notre Dame

Twilight at Sacre Coeur

Vintage Fiat at Merci

David Bowie exhibition

kitchen at Au Passage

Pate, pickles, peas, green at Au Passage

Cauliflower soup with foie gras at Au Passage

Closing down Au Passage and the staff offered us a shot of this digestif. 

Mass at Notre Dame

Dirty Dick's tiki bar

Musee de la Chasse et de la Nature

Behind the scenes installation of Ellsworth Kelley paintings

Working lunch when in Paris

Totally not ironic - Pierre Cardin is still a thing

Macaroons from Lauduree

This last photo I took at sunrise on the way to the airport. I love it. 

Here is a link to all of my favorite things to eat, drink and do in Paris, or: https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=zHKjuPnbcOsc.kbD-2f7UpwCQ&usp=sharing

Instead of stay at a hotel for more than a week, I opted to rent a less expensive studio apartment near where I was working. I'd choose an Airbnb over a hotel in Paris every time. 

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