August 25, 2013

Travel Treasures

One thing I appreciate about moving into a new place is gaining a fresh perspective on our stuff. We pack up everything we've collected from our travels, carefully wrapping each object, then unpack in a new context, enjoying them anew. We've been in our new flat for about three months now and it's really starting to come together.

Here's our new place. It has great spaces for appreciating our treasures anew.

Chocolate pot from Oaxaca, Mexico on the upper left. We had a black and white print made of a photo we took in Bryce Canyon. The plate on the upper right is from Turkey, an impulsive purchase we initially regretted but are now thrilled with. The shelves are perfect for our ceramic collection which includes pieces from family and those that we've brought back from Peru, Burma and Japan

Dhurrie rug carried home from Turkey on my lap. 

Our favorite painting by Silvia Flichman that we brought home from Buenos Aires. 

Rug from Morocco

The sunroom, our favorite room in the flat. We took down all of the blinds so that it is as bright as possible - very important here in foggy San Francisco. The Moroccan wedding blanket and poufs are from Marrakech, the cotton rug is from Sayulita, Mexico

I am so crazy about this hot pink cotton blanket that we bought in India earlier this year. 

And so much more. I feel such happiness to live among our memories. 


  1. Love your place! It looks beautiful and peaceful.

  2. I love how you designed your sunroom. You now have a brighter room after removing the blinds. But if you would also to consider privacy, putting a sheer curtain is also a great idea. You will still get sufficient amount of natural light with that option. I fell in love with your Morrocan blanket and poufs, by the way. They look so magnificent!

    Chase Conely @ G.M. Roth