January 12, 2013

Delicious Kyoto, Japan

Tokyo is huge and overwhelming, but Kyoto is a town you can sink your teeth into.

The best meal of our entire trip to Japan was at a tofu restaurant at the Nanzenji temple in Kyoto where a Japanese friend of ours told us we absolutely must go. It took us an hour to find the place, which is tucked away on a quiet end of the temple complex. At this simple little spot we enjoyed a beautiful yodofu meal...

Nanzenji Temple, Kyoto
Steaming tofu in broth at Nanzenji temple
Entrance to tofu restaurant at Nanzenji temple in Kyoto
More tofu

There were so many more delicious discoveries in Kyoto. We never had anything less than a fantastic meal...


Matcha green tea and treat

buying street treats
sashimi, of course
more street treats!

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