October 23, 2012

Love of Classic Cars

Since returning to sunny Los Angeles I've been fantasizing about buying a classic car. I developed an early affinity for them- my Dad loved cars and loved to drive. Like, he would rather drive across the country than fly simply for the joy of it.

At one time we had three classic cars in the family. He was no mechanic (though his father was), but he tinkered with them, often devoting a full Saturday to having a car detailed, filling it up at the gas station, stopping to get a fancy part, then driving around our 'hood to show it off.

When I turned 16, Dad doubled the money I had saved babysitting and bought a 1965 Ford Mustang. I was excited but, let's face it, he was the one who wanted it. We painted it a metallic mauve Porsche color from the 80's (yes, there was a lot of "Daddy I only want THAT color" involved in the selection).

And what a sweet ride it was...

My Mustang, minus a front bumper.

A sixteen-year-old tearing around in a purple mustang? I was badass. It didn't have power steering and only had drum brakes. And the radiator overheating and sending steam into the front seats was only one of many issues I learned to deal with when driving a car like this.

Now that I am in my mid-30's nostalgia is getting the better of me. I want a classic car. Maybe a 1965 Ford Falcon Futura.

But, today, I am remembering my Mustang, and my Dad, who shared with me his love of cars and fearless wandering of the open road.

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