September 5, 2012

Favorite Travel Photos


My favorite photos taken while traveling are not necessarily the "best". Some are blurry, some embarrassing, some compositionally unsound, and many feature us in cheesy poses. I like photos that best capture and convey the moment or feeling of the place, ignite a memory, or are just funny!

Here are some of my favorites...

Me, in a cave in Panama, with a bat and my big red pants.
Goose the jungle dog.

Kyoto Temple

Fireworks for sale in Hanoi.

Rice terraces in Sapa, Vietnam.

Market in Hoi An, Vietnam.

When religion attacks! in Mexico City.

Praying in Thailand.

Because we were at the f-ing pyramids!

Pow Wow in New Mexico.

Ghosts in an underground town in Turkey.

He always tries to speak Spanish when we are in a Spanish-speaking country but it never works out well.... his studying cracks me up.

Tango dancers in Buenos Aires.

Very cute and cold husband at a lighthouse in Uruguay.

About to eat the best sandwich of my life - a chivito in Carmelo, Uruguay. 

Market in Burma.
100 degrees. Peat bog fire smog.

At the Hermitage in St. Petersburg.

This reminds me is is never a good idea to take an overnight train. Especially in Russia. But Michaelthinks is an incredibly good sport and makes any situation fun.

Sandra mugging with the Laocoon in Rome.

Love, friends and food in Rome.

Best jumping picture. Well Michaelthinks actually has the best jumping pic, but he's banned it from my blog :(

Michaelthinks playing a game at a chicharia in Peru.

I adore this photo of our rumpled bed in Marrakech.

This is Michaelthinks angry in Marrakech.

Moment from my favorite museum in the world: Musee et la Chasse et de la Nature in Paris. 

Doing the tourist thing at Bryce Canyon.

Atmospheric Utah.
Mushrooms in Panama. 
Soccer in Panama City.

For luck in Istanbul.

Market day in northern Burma.

Fedoras = not common in rural Norway.

He seriously stalked this little farm in Norway and asked if he could pet the sheep.


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