August 25, 2012

Artist Crushes from The Painting Factory at MOCA

I finally saw the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles' exhibition The Painting Factory on its very final day. I am so glad I made it because there were new works by two painters I really loved: Mark Bradford and Tauba Auerbach. Above is a photo of the MOCA exhibition (not taken by me)- note the white carpet which itself was a piece of installation art. Last day of exhibition = dirty carpet. Interesting I guess...

Mark Bradford. Photos just do not do this man's work justice...

Untitled, 2012 in The Painting Factory exhibition at MOCA

Mark Bradford at the Wexner Center

Kryptonite, 2006

Tauba Auerbach's paintings seem simple but I find them thoughtful and sultry tromp l'oeil.

Untitled (Fold) 2010

Untitled (Fold), 2010

Untitled (Fold), 2010

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