July 15, 2012

Bon Appetit's Grub Crawl in LA

Yesterday we went to Bon Appetit magazine's Grub Crawl event here in Los Angeles. Weeks ago I read about their first Grub Crawl in Brooklyn, and was super excited for the LA tickets to go on sale. Although each day of the Friday, Saturday & Sunday event included great places like Umamicatessen and Father's Office, we chose to get tickets for the Saturday crawl in Hollywood since it's our 'hood.

Our itinerary for the Saturday Grub Crawl was:

1) Meet at The Spare Room at the Roosevelt Hotel
2) Night + Market
3) Mozza
4) Pour Vous
5) Street
6) Concert at The Roxy

Ok, so... for the report! It was fun and delicious at times but not exactly as expected...

We anticipated some logistical hiccups during the event because the informational info prior to was definitely lagging and it is only the second event of its kind and the first in LA. That's cool. When we met at The Spare Room at 4:00 pm we learned that Saturday's attendees were divided into four groups of about 45 each. It seemed like nearly everyone our group was from outside LA, like Orange County and Santa Barbara.

The Spare Room at the Roosevelt Hotel is a smallish cocktail lounge with activities.There are fun games at the tables like connect four and jenga plus a bowling alley. We had delicious cocktails, including one that was aged in a Willet bourbon barrel. In what came to be a trend for the evening, there was a lot more to drink than to eat! We had some incredible chicharrones, but sadly missed out on the crab po' boys. I think they ran out? Not sure. 

The bar at The Spare Room. Serious Cocktails.

Cocktails at The Spare Room

Next we got on the first of three different party buses hired to take us from place to place... way too small and hot, kind of a mess for the 25 minute drive to Night + Market. Thankfully, when we arrived at Night + Market, we were treated to cold beer and lots of delicious and spicy BBQ pork dishes.

Chang beer towers at Night + Market
Great patio at Night + Market

Next, back on the bus... it's a little bit bigger and people are getting loose... tentative dancing on the poles...

Party Bus.

We arrive at Scuola di Mozza. This destination is deservedly popular and hard to get a reservation at. We were excited to eat some pizza. Their crust is perfection: crispy, lightweight, yeasty and just the right amount of oil. Wine and prosecco flow.

Sausage and fennel pizza at Scuola di Mozza (photo by BA)
We get back on the bus and go to Pour Vous, a new-ish cocktail lounge. We have a few cocktails and two oysters. The booze/food proportions were a little off. It's a charming place and there is a cable car on the patio.

Owners of Pour Vous

Finally to our last food stop: Susan Feniger's STREET. On the way there was pole dancing and panty flashing. We really like STREET and have been there a few times. It's casual, has good patio seating, and the food is so varied and delectable. When we were there last weekend, we saw Susan Feniger working, a sometimes rare sight for a well-known chef? We talked to her a bit last night and she is really warm, fun and seems all-around wonderful. The cocktail served was perfect: a mini bourbon basil sour. Thank goodness it was a 'mini'. I wish all places had done that. To eat we had an 'angry' deviled egg with a green sriracha, great fried chicken, and a salad (can't remember the name!) of watermelon, chicken, peanut & more.

Chef Susan Feniger at STREET

STREET was a yummy end to the night! From there we went home while others get their party on at The Roxy.  It was more of a party crowd than we thought it would be :).  I think the staff was a little freaked out. Overall a good intro to some good LA spots. It's a fun concept that, with some refinement, could be great!!

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