October 26, 2011

Our Farmstay in Norway

On an adventure through beautiful Norway we stayed at a fairytale farm owned by the Valbjor family. I love the research part of planning a trip almost as I love being on the actual trip, and this find was the result of many hours of online research and good use of the Google Translation feature to decipher Norwegian websites!

After exploring the Sognefjord and Lusterfjord, we drove north over highway 55, through Lord of the Rings style grand and glacial landscapes, to the village of Nordherad. Valbjor Gard has been owned and operated as a working farm by the same family for 800 years. There are 12 cottages on the farm, the main cottage is lived in by the owners and innkeepers.

The cottages are beautifully restored, rustic, yet with running water and tiny bathrooms. They have little kitchens, seating areas, table, and cozy beds. The fireplaces are magical and the scale of everything in general leads to a Hansel and Gretal feel.

We stayed in the Vetlustugu cottage. We also had an incredible dinner there of Reindeer steak, complete with beautiful french wines and produce and cheese from the farm.

Valbjor Gard

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