February 28, 2009

Serinn House in Urgup, Turkey

Our list of places to travel to is long and we play musical chairs as far as selection goes. Sometimes all it takes for that final push to pick the next is a compelling tip from a friend, or in this case, an article in American Express' Departures magazine. Here's Turkish Bizarre: http://www.departures.com/articles/turkish-bizarre.

Serinn House is in lovely Urgup, in the heart of central Turkey's beautiful lunar-desert region known as Cappadocia. The region has many boutique cave hotels, but none like Serinn House. Serinn House's chic mid-century modern inspired decor truly sets it apart. The rooms have all the contemporary comforts, yet nestled into the sandstone hillside as traditional dwellings are. It's simple and serene, but what really makes Serinn House so great is its mistress, Eren Serpan.

Eren grew up in Istanbul, worked in the hospitality industry for years, and bravely opened Serinn House in 2007. "Bravely" because Cappadocia, despite it's tourism, is conservative and it seems that Eren is somewhat isolated. Perhaps in part due to this Eren is the most wonderful hostess you could hope for. She'll help plan your days, make hot air balloon or restaurant reservations, drop you off downtown, or if your speed, join you for dinner or invite you to join her, her friends, and/or other guests at Ziggy's down the hill. We so enjoyed the opportunity to talk with her and learn more about Turkey and the Turkish people. Breakfast is simply delicious with olives, fresh cheeses, figs (of course!) and yogurts, and a fresh hot dish each morning, all on a sun filled terrace overlooking the valley. And Eren's dog, Findik, is a delight!

So, Serinn House brought us to Turkey, and it lived up to all of our expectations.

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